Youth Point

Wednesday’s @6pm – 8pm


In our family we forgive, encourage, laugh, and love.




Cultivate healthy relationships; Encounter God; Become World Changers.



Our vision is to see students’ lives changed through a powerful encounter with God. We want our students to understand and work in the way God has called them to be. We want to see them bring encounters of God into their schools/family/friends.




We are a body of Christ the respects, love, and supports one another.
We are ALL called to lead in some form, use the opportunities given to us.
We all will overcome something we struggle with; we all need to be there to celebrate the battle that is WON!
We want to see not only spiritual growth but mental, personal, and maturity growth. It is important to show that we are growing in Christ.
We want to be intentional with our relationship with Christ through our actions, scripture, and prayer.
We are a family, our relationship with each other is important not only for others growth but even for our own.